We offer our retail and institutional clients a bespoke model portfolio service. We have partnered with all major linked investment service providers (LISPs) in South Africa and abroad to ensure our model portfolio service is easily accessible to our clients. We offer the full-service suite to our clients which includes: portfolio construction and management, risk management, marketing material and reporting.


Many of our clients have existing unitised structures in place and require assistance in managing these existing solutions efficiently. We have formed partnerships with many management companies (MANCOs) in South Africa and therefore are not restricted when providing this service. We offer the full service suite to our clients: portfolio construction and management, risk management, marketing material, reporting and daily trading function.


The ever changing investment landscape has created an opportunity for growing wealth management firms to establish their own in-house asset management divisions. We offer our clients a unique service in which we assist in setting up their own licensed asset management business. This allows these clients to separate themselves from their competitors in the market and ultimately provide their clients a world-class wealth management service.


As the Investment Industry evolves, wealth managers in South Africa and abroad have access to newer and less traditional asset classes. This provides exciting new opportunities for our clients to earn diversified returns and hence achieve better portfolio outcomes. Our analysis is continuously expanding in the alternative investment space and we currently provide clients with detailed analysis on hedge funds, Section 12J venture capital funds and private equity funds.